I am procrastinating paperwork and doing my nails so I’ve decided to officially start storytelling #adulting

This is the beginning of everything. Before this moment I was a naive little doe-eyed girl wanting to make it big in the Big Apple.

Backstory: I was close to dropping out of school. I wasn’t making enough money at my full-time job and couldn’t take a second job since I was also in school full-time. I was backed into a corner when the OG walks into my cafe. We chat and flirt as I make his dry ass cappuccino and he asks for my number as I hand the drink to him. I politely decline, because I’m fucking professional, but *then* he pulls out a black card to pay for his drink. He winks and hands me his business card as he struts out the door.

I had nothing and yet everything to lose. I decided to take a leap of stupidity and text him.

Me: You always hit on your baristas?

OG: Just the pretty ones. I’m here(sends location). It’s my favorite bar… Let’s grab a beer.

Me: Would love to but I have previous obligations. Lets chat tomorrow?

OG: Don’t tease me.

Later that night he adds me on snapchat. I should have known that would’ve led to him asking for nudes but like I told you before… I was naive. But as naive as I was I pride myself on being sassy and witty. So I replied with this:

“A girl needs some luxury gifts or tuition before she ever thinks of doing such an act.”

to which he responds

“Never been a sugar daddy but I think that’s hot. I’m open for tuition… how does it work?”

“Let’s have lunch tomorrow and negotiate terms <3”

So. Important sidenote: I have been enamored with the sex industry for awhile. I have a few friends that are strippers and tumblr has a huge community of sugar babies and high-end escorts. I did my research.

The following day we have lunch in SoHo and discussed terms. He agreed to help me pay for my fall tuition “out of the goodness of his heart” in exchange for my time and company(basically). Let me mention that this is on the side for him. He had/has a fiance who keeps him… wanting more to put it sensitively.

He paid for my fall tuition, gave me a few expensive gifts and trips before he disappeared to Europe for months. But I was hooked. And the next situation I got myself into is actually a bit more intriguing and intricate to say the least…

To be continued lovelies…

*insert pseudonym*

P.S. Get this. We never even had sex. And he was under 40(scoorreee). I may not be a real sugar baby… but I had a pretty nice deal 😉


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