After I left the owner of the club in his room I went to find my date so I could get the threesome over with. While I liked the couple… my date and I weren’t totally sexually compatible. At least in my opinion.

We head off to one of the provided rooms and got busssaaaayyyy. While the couple and I were having a grand ‘ol time my partner couldn’t quite… how do I put this? Rise to the occasion? Not only do I try but another girl decided to join in and help out… and still nothing. So once we were all ready to grab another drink I told him that he was on his own for the night and I was going to go make friends.

I head to the bar, grab some more champagne and watch the sexual performance the club puts on twice during the event. I decompress a bit while a man tries to grab my attention. He’s a bit older but I walk over to see what he wants. He tells me he saw me getting it on in the bedroom, as did a lot of people as it was an open bedroom, and wonders if I’d like a sugar daddy.

What?! It was this easy? I thought I’d have to go on seeking arrangements or something for an opportunity like this!

I tell him that while I would obviously love an arrangement, that we should go to dinner sometime next week before we start anything. I am not about to have an arrangement with someone I don’t connect with. And dinner we did have! But that’s for a different story time.

It turns out this older gentleman and the girl who tried to help my tinder date get it up were at the party together. They wanted me to go home with them but as we were getting our coats who else shows up but the owner himself? He’s an important part of my narrative so let’s call him… Mike. Not as sexy as his real name but we’ll have to make do.

Mike: You sneaking out before you say goodbye?

Me: You seemed… occupied.

Mike: Never too busy for you… Come to my suite and we can exchange numbers before you get out of here

Me: *raises an eyebrow* I’m assuming we’ll be doing more than exchanging numbers

Mike: Only if you’d like. But aren’t you forward. *Leads me to suite*

Once we get to the suite he offers me a line(of cocaine for those of you that are sheltered) and I decline. I come from a line of addicts so I try to stay clear of drugs. He does one himself and we get it on. Takes him a bit to get it up #cokedick. But once he does… oh is it *on*. Probably one of the most attractive and fit middle aged men I have seen in my life. 

Then, a friend of his comes into the suite with a girl he’s interested and and join. A second foursome in one night? Maybe I went a little crazy but boy was it fun. This went on for about half an hour before we all tired out. It was 3am and the party was waning. Mike had to be a good host and make sure everyone’s alright and I slipped away into the night before getting his number… quite a shame but I was tired beyond belief.

But have no fear. The story doesn’t end here. He got my number from my tinder date and messaged me before the next party a month later. And now, may I proudly say, am permanently on the list for the New York parties…

Maybe I’ll see one of you there…

Until next time lovelies,




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