Or maybe you didn’t and actually really don’t give a fuck. Either way I’m here so let’s get this ball rollin’.

While I am just a small drop in the large ocean of New Yorkers, I also happen to find myself in enough interesting situations that I was told by a dear friend of mine, a NY Post journalist, that I should write a book about them.

A book is little much. From my perspective, there are plenty of other people in this city with more interesting stories and experiences than I do! So in lieu of a book I’ve opted for a blog… and then we’ll see how much people actually want to hear these stories.

I can’t give all the juicy details at once but I’ll give you a quick background:

Young decent looking 20-something student. Military brat with quite the religious background. Let’s just say I was a bit repressed and let it all go once I moved to the city.

Tune in later for more details 😉 Can’t wait to get to know you all… and to bare it all. Both figuratively and literally.

Until next time darlings,

*insert pseudonym I haven’t figured out yet*


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